Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holidays Are On Their Way!

There is still time to find that perfect property and be moved into that new home for the holidays! As a Buyer, you now have many choices in this market. There are more listings available to you now, than there have been in the last eight years. There are less buyers now, because the credit criteria has been tightened up. When you make that offer on a property, there will not be five more coming in to compete with you. Oh, there may be one, but, that is not likely during the holidays. So, give us a call this week. Let's get you posititioned to find that property that you can call home, in time for the holidays! Rates are still low and this is a good opportunity for you to become a homeowner and if you are a first time homeowner, you will receive a $7500.00 credit from the federal government.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and serving your real estate needs.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Home Buying Season!

Okay, here we go! If someone has their home on the market for sale at this time of year, they have to be motivated. Take a good look through all of the listings. Serious sellers are ready and waiting for your offer. These are the best people to be buying from. There homes are well maintained, updated and ready to move into. Cream of the crop, so they say. They have priced their homes below market to procure a sale. Look for these homes! They are out there.

By law, agents are to present all offers. Verbal, followed up by writing, if all parties agree to do so. Purchase and sale agreements are not difficult to understand. They accommodate the logistics of the transaction. Dates, deposits, inspection periods and choices of inspections, along with the names of the parties involved with the transaction, along with the terms that everyone must agree to follow. If you are in doubt, check with a real estate attorney.

Get out there and find your home! Rates are low, prices have adjusted nicely, banks are writing loans and there are serious sellers who want to sell their homes! Don't miss your opportunity, this is a good buyer's market!

For more information or tips, call Fran Rokicki Realty,LLC today! We are full time, full service and never too busy for any of you or any of your referrals!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free College for Senior Citizens in Connecticut

Did you know? If you are 62 and over, you may be eligible for free tuition to attend college in the state of Connecticut. The original legislation for this treat was enacted back in 1974. There are some 3,000 plus seniors currently attending schools in our state. Costs incurred to you might include things like books and supplies. Course acceptance and any fees, will be up to the school offering the program. Looking for something to do? Ready to learn something new? Certainly, you will meet new friends! Contact the college in our state of your choice and inquire about this program. You may, also, contact the State Dept of Higher Education, here is there email address:

It's a Good Life!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Downsizing Your Home?

Has your family grown up, right before your eyes? Mine sure has! With the cost of heating your home, comes maintenance and updating. New appliances, furnace, painting, flooring and more items, can be overwhelming at times. Energy Star appliances are clearly the ones to choose now. Replacement windows? You bet! If you are going to downsize to a more reasonable and manageable home, should you bother with all the improvements and updates? The answer is Yes! The buyers today expect your home to be move-in condition. Good curb appeal still works! Those are the homes that are still procuring the good offers. If your floor plan is different, expect your market time to be longer. Need updates? Busy street? Expect your market time to be longer. These are some of the most important changes during this market. Your home will sell, yes. Price, location and condition, will determine the amount of time and the price it should be, prior to procuring a sale.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Community Care

As an agent, do you practice community care? Not meaning, your town or county, but your community of clients, friends, neighbors and relatives. Do you see these people regularly? Are you the person they go to if they need help in this market? Times are changing, just as much as the market has. Keep yourself educated and aware of the changes in our market and within your community.

Be the Realtor they come to for advice and service. Go out and win the day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Business Referral Directory

Working by referral has offered me many opportunities to serve people. My staff and I receive many requests from friends and associates for referrals to profesional trades and services, everything from painters to attorneys. Because we receive such a large number of requests, and because we operate our own business by referral, we have decided to commit some of our time and resources compiling a Referral Directory that lists the finest individuals and companies serving our community. The link provided will bring you to our directory.

Once again, we thank you for your business in the past, and we look forward to providing you and the people you refer to us, with the highest quality of service in the purchase or sale of real estate. I am never too busy for your referrals!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Reducing Prices!

Street to street, we are seeing more homes being reduced in price. Maybe, that seller has found a new home that they want to purchase. It is difficult to make an offer on a new home, when your present home isn't listed or sold. Some of my clients have had the fear of, what if our home sells and we can't find a home we like? The answer to that would be, get your home on the market,make sure that in your contract you have the statement that you will need time to find suitable housing, then get a contract signed on it and get going! Hopefully, the folks buying your home can negotiate the wait on their end, too.

Happy House Selling! Get your home on the market! It's a good time to move! Call us today!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Book Full of Good TIps!

Don't you just love a good book on a rainy day? Today the sun was out earlier, but, rain is coming along any time now. Truly a good book reading kind of day! I just ordered this book, with my photo on the cover. Can't wait to look inside and learn the tips they are offering! I will post once I've checked it out.

It's a Good Life!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Get Your Curb Appeal Going!

The weather is perfect for your outdoor projects. Time to think about starting a vegetable garden or to start planting some of the hardier annuals. I don't know about yours, but, my shrubs are full of new growth already. They need to be trimmed back. Keeping them clear of your house is wise. They tend to grow into the siding or block sunlight from the windows if they get too overgrown. You will need to get new mulch for the beds and walkways.

If you like to do this yard work, now is the time. If you choose to hire someone, call today. Birch Mountain Earthworks now offers delivery or you may pick it up at their location on Rt 5, They have great choices of different varieties of mulch or stone. One good tip, if you have a playscape for your little ones, they now carry the newer synthetic mulch for play areas. You can stop by or call to order what you may need. This year, they have started to rent out small machinery, bobcats, etc. Now, if you have those big, ugly bushes, or have a yard project in mind, you can take care of it, yourself! Sure makes life easier!

I love to plant new annuals here and there, around our property. The colors are so lovely to look at from every window. It brings more life to your yard. I like to border our wooded areas with mulch. The different colors offer us a nicer depth, a park like look to the yard. Time to get out the bird bath and fill it up. Though, our new lab, Jack, may object to the birds in his space. For now, he just watches and listens to them. Enjoy your week, more tips to follow!

Oh, By the Way...if you know of someone who could use my good services, please provide me with their contact information. I will be happy to follow up and take good care of them for you. I am never too busy for your referrals!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May Flowers!

Finally, spring has surrounded us! Flowers have buds, opening more every day. The leaves are coming out now and soon the frost will end. Real good time for homebuyers, rates are low, inventory is up! People will need to move, to relocate all over the country. If you have someone moving to Connecticut, let me know. I will be happy to serve their needs for you. Our market is steady here. Hartford is the insurance capital of the world and they bring many families into our state. MetLife just opened a new office building in Bloomfield, Ct. I believe our good communities are a nice place to raise your family or to start up a new business. Give us a call today, we look forward to helping you! Remember, we offer residential and commercial services.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Out & Go Home Shopping!

Spring has arrived in Connecticut. Though, tonight, the weatherman advised us to bring in our annual plants. Thirty degrees tonight. Last week it was almost eighty degrees every day. This must be winter's last hurrah:) Houses, houses, many to choose from. Being a buyer today is such a good time. No more rushing or worrying about decisions, though, if a property is priced lower than the market, I have seen several offers come in and the winning bid is usually full price. So, my advice to you would be, the next property that you visit and like, bid on it. Waiting three or four days can be costly. Be the first one in, wrap it up and finalize the remaining steps to the close of the transaction. Rates have remained low, so, go out and go home shopping!

Oh, By the Way...if you know of someone who could use my good services, please provide me with their contact information. I will be happy to follow up and take care of them for you. I am never too busy for your referrals!