Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Home Buying Season!

Okay, here we go! If someone has their home on the market for sale at this time of year, they have to be motivated. Take a good look through all of the listings. Serious sellers are ready and waiting for your offer. These are the best people to be buying from. There homes are well maintained, updated and ready to move into. Cream of the crop, so they say. They have priced their homes below market to procure a sale. Look for these homes! They are out there.

By law, agents are to present all offers. Verbal, followed up by writing, if all parties agree to do so. Purchase and sale agreements are not difficult to understand. They accommodate the logistics of the transaction. Dates, deposits, inspection periods and choices of inspections, along with the names of the parties involved with the transaction, along with the terms that everyone must agree to follow. If you are in doubt, check with a real estate attorney.

Get out there and find your home! Rates are low, prices have adjusted nicely, banks are writing loans and there are serious sellers who want to sell their homes! Don't miss your opportunity, this is a good buyer's market!

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