Thursday, August 6, 2009

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that she has designated August as “Asian Longhorned Beetle Awareness Month” to make citizens and visitors aware of the serious threat the non-native beetle poses to thousands of acres of Connecticut forests, particularly those with stands of maples, birches, elms and willows. The beetle arrived in the U.S. from China and Korea in wood shipping pallets and other packaging material. It was first detected in the New York City area in 1996 and has since been discovered in Chicago, New Jersey and more recently in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Governor said the Worcester infestation, which destroyed 24,000 trees, has been the worst in the nation. The beetle has not yet been discovered in Connecticut. The Governor urged all citizens to be on the lookout for the beetle in their yards and when out in forests and parks and contact the DEP immediately if anyone suspects they may have seen the beetle. It is described as a large black beetle with white spots, it ranges between an inch to 1 ¼ i nches long.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Vacation Time!

This is it! August 1st! Time to take some days off to relax and enjoy the summer season. This is the best part of summer. Whether you have a pool in your backyard, or take a few weeks and rent a summer home on a lake or at the beach, this is prime season time. The month of August.

Be sure to cover your family and yourself, with suntan lotion and, oh yes, bug repellent. All of the unusual rain, this summer, has brought out too many mosquitos! Be safe and enjoy your days in the sun!

It's a Good Life!