Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am on Facebook for business only. If some people who know me through business want to share ideas and tips with me, than fine. I do connect. I do not connect with people I don't know, unless, there is a business relationship forming. Some of the stuff going on is a bit scarry. Many relationships are falling apart because of the chatter that goes on. Instead of talking with their spouse, they are seeking advice from people that they don't even know. For that, I feel bad. Some folks who never saw it coming. Like I said, a bit scarry. People who have spent years and years together, happily, are now seeing their lives fall apart. What you are posting, will stay on that site, forever. Talk with your spouse, not stranger(s) who say they are your friends. Your true happiness depends on it! I'm sticking to business:) Stick to the real world!

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It's a Good Life!